Our Approach

Niche Advisors approaches all projects and assignments by utilizing the concepts embedded in our four Guiding Principles. These principles pervade all of our activity and are the fundamental basis for all specialized solutions we deliver to our clients.

Guilding Principles

Systematic Approach. We approach each assignment in a systematic fashion that is rooted in Six Sigma. We embrace Six Sigma methodology and apply the DMAIC process, in five distinct phases, for every project we undertake: Define the business case, Measure and establish the baseline benchmark, Analyze the challenges and opportunities, Improve and capitalize on opportunities, and Control and sustain performance improvement gains.

Asset Value Enhancement. We view your property or portfolio as an income generating asset. Therefore, all activities are designed to improve the asset's cash flow and overall value. Our approach is always balanced so that we view the asset from a macro-ownership perspective, but also from a micro-property or department level perspective. In this manner, we create value not only for you, our clients, but also for your teams and customers.

Operating Performance Optimization. Our goal is to create financial gains for you. However, we do not do so by simply reducing costs or making aggressive outsourcing deals. By focusing on improving the performance of the operation itself, we generate additional profits while simultaneously ensuring that these gains are sustained for the long term. Everyone benefits when the operation is performing at an optimal level.

Service Driven Mindset. We recognize that the hospitality industry is all about providing service excellence. This awareness is at the very core of all initiatives we perform. Our ability to implement service-focused initiatives creates sustainable gains, whether it simultaneously complements or improves your current service levels. If you are experiencing service challenges, we offer extensive service training programs from line staff to leadership levels that can be customized to include your current service culture and training initiatives.

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