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Industry Executives & Consultants Launch Niche Advisors
Hotel News Resource: April 14, 2008 - PDF Document
After extensive careers in hotel operations, Miller and Hwang spent the past several years developing and growing HVS Parking Consulting, a divison of HVS Global Hospitality Services.

Drive Profit Through Your Parking Lot with Automated Technology
Hotel Business Review: June 2009 - PDF Document
Hoteliers spend tremendous time and energy looking for strategic ways to utilize technology to improve their operations and drive financial performance.
How to Get Your Business Strategies Executed
Hotel Business Review: February 2009 - PDF Document
Most hotel management companies offer supervisors and junior managers training courses to some extent. These can vary from service recovery classes to courses in conducting performance reviews, etc...
Hotel Parking Asset Management: Maximize the Value of Your Real Estate Hotel Business Review: October, 2008 - PDF Document
As the hotel industry faces increasing supply, rising energy costs, and the resulting impact to national travel behaviors, hotel owners must look to every opportunity to maintain their bottom line.
Airport Parking Market - Seized By A Dot-Com
Hotel Online: June 12, 2008 - PDF Document
"Many airport properties offer a "park and fly" package, which enables hotels to offer travelers discounted parking typically for 5 to 7 days or even longer. The hotel benefits from increased occupancy and revenue. The traveler receives a discounted parking rate in a safe hotel parking facility. Traditionally, however, hotels were still faced with the challenge of marketing and selling these packages at their own expense."
Parking - A Neglected Profit Center
Hotel News Resource: May 28, 2008 - PDF Document
"Hotel owners and managers spend tremendous time and energy looking for strategic ways to make the most of their hotel asset. What they often fail to look at is that the hotel itself usually sits in the middle of or adjacent to a large parking facility."
Airport Parking Market:
An Untapped Revenue Source For Airport Hotels
Hotel News Resource: April 29, 2008 - PDF Document
The saying, "there's a lot of money to be made in parking" could not be more true than in airport parking. In our quest to quantify this statement, we surveyed and analyzed six major U.S. airports to determine the size of this niche business for airports and explore how airport hotels can also capitalize on this market trend and opportunity.

Parking Case Studies
PDF Document
Niche Advisors delivers unsurpassed results for clients through parking asset management. The following four case studies highlight common challenges and issues inherent in hotel parking operations and the results we accomplished on behalf of our clients.

Niche Advisors Overview
PDF Document
Niche Advisors provides customized solutions in specialty areas of the hospitality industry through our consulting, operations support, project management, and training services. Learn how our team, our approach, and our services add value to every phase of a property's life cycle from concept launch to development to operations to asset disposition.
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